What Ingredients Are In the Pre Workout Tea?
The Pre Workout Tea is a combination of Organic and Natural Ingredients containing: English Breakfast Tea, Guarana, Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) and Cardamon.

Can I use the Pre Workout Tea when using the Detox Tea?
Yes, we currently have a lot of customers doing this. Basically the Pre Workout Tea is to be used when working out, or doing physical activity, like walking or jogging - while the Detox Tea is taken with a regimented plan twice a day.

Is there any side effects?
There is no known side effects, however it is important to note that the Pre Workout Tea contains natural caffeine

Can I drink it cold?
The best way to drink the Pre Workout Tea is to brew a large batch in hot water, place it in the fridge and take it with you cold in a water bottle to the gym, or when working out.

What does it do?
The Amaze Tea Pre Workout drink is a natural workout drink that helps to boost energy before and during working out. It also assists with boosting metabolism so you are burning more calories when working out, allows your to recover faster, helps with muscle repair and fatigue.

Can I enhance the taste?
Amaze Tea Pre Workout tastes great! We have worked hard in perfecting the taste - if you have any special taste requests let us know! To enhance the flavour simply add some honey, lemon or any sugar free sweetener.