The Amaze Tea Co. Health Ambassador Program is an initiative with its purpose being to help fund expenses for aspiring athletes, sporting clubs, motivated personal trainers and community organisations through a cross relationship between the person/organization and Amaze Tea Co which promotes health and well being.

Who is Amaze Tea Co.?

Amaze Tea Co. is a company that was founded in 2014 which has seen success selling uniquely natural and organic health tea’s specializing in workout, detox, stress relief and every day health. Amaze Tea Co. has sold to over 22 countries around the world since its inception and is a rapidly growing company.

Amaze Tea Co. being a company focused on helping others excel through good nutrition, education and healthy living is passionate about promoting what a lifestyle like this can create for a person in all areas of their life - themselves, their families, their groups (clubs, associations, workplace) as well as their communities. We want to encourage this at all levels. As a company we often look for people and organisations that we can work with who exemplify our core values as a company.

 How many Health Ambassadors will Amaze Tea Co. help fund?

In Australia in 2016, we look to fund up to 1,000 Health Ambassadors. We are also looking for Health Ambassadors all around the world.

 What does it involve to become a Health Ambassador?

You will need to be someone or an organisation that is already participating in or is willing to promote health and wellbeing in your community and circles. What it involves is a co-operative relationship between Amaze Tea Co and yourself as an athlete/trainer/organisation in which you are active in promoting health and Amaze Tea Co. Amaze Tea Co. seeks to build a long-term relationship with all our partners.

How much funding would be expected to be received from Amaze Tea Co.?

Minimum funding expected to be received from Amaze Tea Co. for an active Health Ambassador during the program is $1000 over 12 months, which will be paid directly into health related expenses. i.e. Travel and nutrition costs for athletes, equipment for trainers, equipment and gear for sporting clubs and associations. 

In terms of a maximum funding, it will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

 How can I apply for the Amaze Tea Co. Health Ambassador program?

 To apply, please send an introduction of yourself or your organisation to highlighting your involvement in health and/or wellbeing as well as what you would like to use any funds available for. 

Alternatively call us at:

US/Canada 1-800-804-8950

UK 0-808-189-0673