How does Amaze Tea Detox Plans work?
Amaze Tea's key ingredients work together to help reduce fat storage, water weight, reduce bloating, clear up skin and other positive effects by detoxifying the Liver. Amaze Tea is most effective when taken twice daily, morning and evening before meals. (breakfast + dinner)

Amaze Tea also helps you feel fuller by suppressing your appetite.

Is your Detox Tea a Chinese Style laxative Tea?
Amaze Tea Detox Tea's are not Chinese style laxative tea's. It is a specially formulated tea, which encourage cleansing of the liver. You may experience going to the bathroom more regularly, but not sporadically and 'wanting to go all the time'.

Can i drink Amaze Tea whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?
Amaze Tea is 100% organic and natural. However, we suggest you consult your doctor.

What comes the 15 day Amaze Tea Detox Pack?
When purchasing your very own Amaze Tea pack you will receive 30 tea bags, 1 for the morning and 1 for the evening.

How can I talk with Amaze Tea?
The friendly Amaze Tea crew are continuously replying to emails - you can email us at or you can get in touch via our Facebook page (Amaze Tea Facebook Page - Click Here). You can visit us on instagram @amazetea.

What does Amaze Tea taste like?
Amaze Tea tastes great! We have worked hard in perfecting the taste - if you have any special taste requests let us know! To enhance the flavour simply add some honey, lemon or any sugar free sweetener.

What are the side effects?
Amaze Tea is made from the finest organic and natural products, with no known side effects.

Do I have to follow the Amaze Tea food plan?
No, you don't have too. However we suggest you maintain a healthy diet with regular workouts and exercise. For tips on exercise and food plans, like us on Facebook (Amaze Tea Facebook Page - Click Here)

How long should I stay on Amaze Tea Detox for?
You can use Amaze Tea as often as you like and stop once you are happy with your results.