Why are you so tired all the time?

This article is a special one, out of all the questions we get asked, the most common are ‘how can I get more energy?’ and ‘why am I always so tired?’. We will be exploring what factors could influence energy and what simple lifestyle changes you can make to adjust your own energy level, so you can do more of the things you want for longer.

In today’s society, we are living more stressful lives and consuming less nutrient dense foods. Even the foods we believe to be nutrient dense, such as the vegetables you find at the supermarket or grocery store, you will find are no where near their real value of nutrition with some of the methods being used to farm a lot of our fruit and vegetables. So how can we maintain an energetic existence if our foods aren’t even at the quality we need them to be? Well, it’s about being smart in your own every day life and making the little changes that will mean so much to your overall health and vitality.

Better Sleep

This sounds very simple but one of the most common causes of fatigue is getting too little sleep. With all the electronics we use today as well as stress levels, this can effect our sleep patterns and how much rest our body gets. The NHS in the United Kingdom says around a third of us have bouts of insomnia. If you enjoy staying up nice and late, your lack of sleep may be causing fatigue.

Your age does make a difference to what your sleep requirements should be. A baby will need up to around 16 hours of sleep everyday and a teenager will need around 9. Most people into adulthood can function well off 7 or 8 hours of sleep. This sounds simple but one of the most common causes of fatigue is getting too little sleep. 

Some tips to help increase sleep are: to shut off all electronics before you go to bed, have a dim light on in the room your are sleeping in, or no light at all and try to think of as little as possible to allow your mind to rest.


Anaemia is one of the top causes for fatigue and being run-down constantly. It occurs when your body doesn’t carry enough red blood cells to carry enough oxygen to your muscles and organs. It can very easily be detected with a blood test.

Anaemia affects mainly post-menopausal women and roughly 1 in 20 men but it can also be even more common in women who are still having periods, especially if the periods are heavy.

The most common cause of anaemia is iron deficiency and can be corrected by eating plenty of iron-rich foods. Iron-rich foods include lean meat, shellfish and iron supplements.

Eating too little or the wrong foods

Another obvious reason you are showing signs of fatigue and no energy is because you may not be either eating enough, or eating the wrong foods. For example, if you have a pastry for breakfast your going to have a spike in your blood sugar and then it will crash. This will leave you feeling sluggish and dull for most of the day. Try to start your day well with a good healthy breakfast that includes proteins like eggs and good grains such as whole-wheat bread. Throughout the day snack on fruit, nuts and seeds and for lunch and dinner continue eating proteins as well as a vast array of vegetables with a mix of different colours. It really is as simple as that!

Underactive Thyroid

Your thyroid is a small gland in your neck and it controls your metabolism. Your metabolism basically controls the speed at which your body converts fuel to energy. When it is underactive your metabolism is functioning too slowly and this can lead to you feeling tired and gaining weight.

An underactive Thyroid Is 4 or 5 times more common in women than in men, especially over the age of 40. A simple blood test can confirm if you have low thyroid levels and medication can help you regulate those levels back to normal.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue is possible if you are at a point where you cannot even handle simple day to day activities because you are so tired all the time. The main symptom of Chronic Fatigue is unexplained exhaustion.

There is real quick fix for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome apart from changing a person’s daily routine, allowing them to rest and participate in light exercise.

Food Intolerance

A lack of energy and always feeling sleepy can come from a intolerance to certain foods. If you notice that your energy gets worse after eating certain things, you may have food intolerance. A supervised elimination diet could be your answer and this is something you can easily coordinate with your GP or if you would like to do this yourself, try by cutting out certain foods you’ve identified make you feel sluggish and see if you begin to feel any better.

Coeliac disease is when your body reacts badly to foods containing gluten. Such foods can be breads, pastas, cereals, pizza and cakes. According to the NHS in the United Kingdom around 1 in 100 people have Coeliac disease, however, 90% of sufferers don’t realise they even have it. Tiredness, feeling sluggish and a lack of energy after eating is a symptom of coeliac disease, so is diarrhoea and anaemia. Your GP is able to detect if you have coeliac disease with a simple blood test. 

Sleep Apnoea

This condition robs you of sleep without you even knowing about it. Sleep apnoea briefly stops you breathing many times during the night. Each time you are interrupted in your sleep, even though you may not be aware of it, it all stacks up and leads to a restless night not allowing your body to go into a deep enough sleep where your body gets the optimum rest. The result being that you end up sleep-deprived and feeling exhausted during the day, even though you think you had 8 hours of sleep.

It’s most common among overweight middle-aged men. Alcohol and smoking can make it worse. The solution for sleep apnoea is to lose weight, become healthier, quit smoking and avoids alcohol during the evenings. There are devices which GP’s and specialists can recommend such as a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device which helps keep a persons airway passages open at night time.


Diabetes can be a big factor as why you are constantly feeling exhausted or tired. When you have diabetes the sugar from the foods you consume stays in the blood stream and continues to circulate instead of being absorbed by the body’s cells, where they convert it into energy. This leads to a body that runs out of energy, despite eating enough foods. Diabetes Alive says one of the main undiagnosed symptoms of diabetes can include extreme tiredness. If you have persistent fatigue and feel like you cannot shake it off, you may need to go speak to your GP about being tested for diabetes. This can be tested with a very simple blood test.

With diabetes there are a variety of treatments available, these can be a change to lifestyle and foods, insulin therapy if your diabetes has become bad enough and medications.

Diabetes can be reversed if it is type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes unfortunately cannot be reversed.


Depression doesn’t only cause issues emotionally, it can also manifest into physical ailments as well. Fatigue, loss of appetite and headaches are among the most common physical symptom. If you are beginning to feel tired and down for more than a couple of weeks, you should look at alternative therapies to help with your depression. If you treat the depression the fatigue should lift as well.

Some people have constant, what can seem like uncontrollable symptoms of anxiety, which can be so strong that their life is significantly affected. People who are often worried and tired can often feel tired also.

A dwindling spiral can occur from this effect. A lack of sleep and fatigue can create a worsening mental health situation for you. A Mental Health Foundation study in the UK found that more than 1 in 3 people suffer from a sleep disorder which can put sufferers at greater risk of health problems like depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Glandular Fever

Glandular fever is a viral infection that is commonly found amongst the general population. It causes tiredness as well as a fever, sore throat and swollen glands. Teenagers as well as young adults are most likely to have glandular fever. Symptoms generally clear up within four to six weeks, but fatigue can feel like it is still around for several more months.

Heart Disease

If everyday tasks like climbing stairs or walking down the street leave you feeling tired and exhausted, it can be a sign that your heart is not up to the job. It can be an early sign of heart disease. Often seeking medical advice and receiving the help of a GP can treat this. There are therapeutic as well as medication to help get heart disease under control.

Natural Solutions for increasing energy

Natural solutions for increasing energy can be found plain and simply in the diet you are consuming and the amount of exercise you consume. Eating well, with a good balance between proteins, grains, nuts, legumes and vegetables with plenty of water, will see you improve your health and should lead to an increase in your overall energy levels.

A regular exercise program of at least 30-40 minutes of exercise everyday should see you improve your overall fitness levels; this will help muscles receive more energy from the blood cells and also improve heart strength. All this contributes to improve levels of energy and not feeling exhaustion early throughout the day.

Something else to consider is boosting anti-oxidants. Anti oxidants not only reduce inflammation in the body but also allow the body to function and blood cells to deliver energy my effectively in the body.

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