Nutritionist Tammy Kacev Review: 'The Detox' from Amaze Tea Co.

"I always have precaution when foods advertise healthy benefits. But with ‘The Detox’ tea I was pleasantly surprised."

If you are like me, you have probably tried all of the juice detox cleanses, but maybe lasted a day, or two maximum, simply because you could not hand the taste…right? 

I am always hesitant when I come across new products that promote better health, simply because we live a society that has created a diet obsessed culture. We are always looking for quick fixes. Fad diets do not sit well with me. I do not think they work in the longer term, and I believe they can be costly.

Our liver is one of the most important organs in our bodies. The liver needs optimal nutrition to function appropriately. I believe detoxing our bodies is essential for great health, especially our liver. Detoxing has many benefits:

Boosts Your Energy Levels
Aids with Weight Loss
Improves Immune System
Improves Skin Health

You do not need to go to extreme measures to detox your liver; such as buying liver cleansing pills or going on restricted diets. I tried ‘The Detox’ tea from Amaze Tea Co. It is “the kickstart to ultimate health.  An intensive detox. A complete liver cleanse.”  Now, it’s my new way of detoxing and I love it.

Like I mentioned before, I always have precaution when foods advertise healthy benefits. But with ‘The Detox’ tea I was pleasantly surprised.

I was instructed to start my day with a cup of the detox tea, and then have another cup later on in the evening just before tea time. For me this was not difficult, since I am a tea lover anyways. This is what I experienced within two weeks:

  1. My bloating reduced. (even during my period). After eating some heavy meals, my digestion had improved, again adding in reduced bloating.
  2. Better sleep. I fell asleep quicker, and stayed asleep longer. Woke up feeling refreshed.
  3. Fresher looking skin. With early morning starts every day, and working late nights, I often look and feel tired. My skin looks and feels refreshed, and I do not look as tired.
  4. Increased energy. I feel alert with an increased ability to concentrate.

But the most important thing in my opinion is the taste. And I loved it. You can taste the goodness as you sip on it. And the best thing, you can drink it hot or cold. Tastes great either way.

I do not recommend you rely purely on a detox tea. A detox tea like this one, should be taken in conjunction with a nutrient-rich, calorie-appropriate, balanced diet that includes lots of vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and dairy. Minimum sugar consumption is ideal. Make sure you stay hydrated and get moving.



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