[Case Study] How to lose your unwanted weight and increase your energy

Do you feel yourself working out for long hours and trying to eat right all the time without seeing any definitive and consistent results?

You feel like you’re doing everything right, and yet, you don’t have enough energy, or you’re not losing the weight you want to lose and you’re constantly frustrated by a lack of progress.

It is a common complaint made by many people when in dieting mode and all it needs is a real ‘a-ha’ moment (or many in fact) for someone to try to truly understand where they are going wrong.

Sometimes we are not even sure what we need until it is staring us right in the face.

This happened to Jessica, a real estate professional in her late 20s and is the subject of this week’s case study.

Jessica had recently put on a little bit of weight after period of a few months of social activity, stress and anxiety. She was beginning to feel uncomfortable in her body and wanted to really do something about it. Jessica had tried gym programs and various eating diets to try to shed the weight she has just put on, but couldn’t shed the few kilograms she really wanted to lose.

Sound familiar?


Jessica’s stress levels (and thus her weight) began to increase as she was working more hours, had recently moved home and was under added financial pressures. All this was effecting the way she was eating and her weight began to increase slowly week by week, until it got to a point where Jessica was feeling uncomfortable.

“I was becoming frustrated with the way I was feeling, the amount of energy I had and the weight I was putting on. It did feel like I was beginning to lose control of my health”

Jessica began to realize that she needed to shift and change her lifestyle and eating habits. Previously Jessica was using a personal trainer, but that she felt was still not enough for her to be losing weight. As she started feeling like she wasn’t in control anymore, it was then she realized that this could not go on any longer.

“I knew I needed help fast and Amaze Tea Co had a great program that promised to help boost my energy and help me get my health back on track. I decided to give it a go”


Jessica gave herself just two weeks to see if Amaze Tea Co’s ‘The Detox’ product would work for her. She was a bit reluctant at first, because she wasn’t sure how it would taste – but she was pleasantly surprised and thought it tasted great. After a few days of taking ‘The Detox’ just after breakfast and just after dinner, Jessica began to notice changes. At first, these changes were very subtle but over time, she began to feel like her energy was starting to improve, her skin was clearing up, her usual cravings for treats like biscuits had gone and she was being fuller for longer. She felt better overall and was feeling more healthy in general.

“I really wanted to take control, and the first step was to take control of my cravings and ‘The Detox’ from Amaze Tea Co, completely removed my usual cravings for biscuits and treats, especially after dinner”

This is a common issue for a lot of people – snacking and eating treats, especially after dinner. This is where people put on the extra weight. However, if you have the right assistance, such as a good detox product, you can remove these cravings, by removing the toxin build up in your body that makes your body want to reach for these unhealthy foods.

Our liver processes our sugars, fats, alcohol, medications amongst other things, it is the toxin-processing centre of our body and is vital for our overall health. If our liver is overloaded from toxins and general bad dieting, your body will find it hard to process energy in foods and leads to effects that leave your body without energy, seeking more food and thus putting on weight. A healthy and functioning liver can be the solution you need to help get your health back on track, take control of cravings and help you take control of your weight. The best way to do this is through a liver detox program, and this is what Amaze Tea Co’s product ‘The Detox’ offers, over either 15, 30 or 60 days.


Jessica ended up in just two weeks losing close to 3 kilograms (around 6.5 pounds), her energy levels are much higher and she does not at all crave biscuits and treats like she use to. Jessica has decided to purchase the Amaze Tea Co 30 day ‘The Detox’ product, to extend her detox and continue to see what other results she could obtain.

“Overall I am very pleased with the results and I can really see that this actually works. The support I received from Amaze Tea Co was great and ‘The Detox’ tea product was really what I needed to return myself back to good health”


Our ‘The Detox’ product has been sold to thousands of customers in 22 countries around the world. It is 100% organic and natural. Amaze Tea Co is followed by over 75,000 people internationally and is a leading health and fitness tea company. 

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