What do you need in a workout drink?

If you haven’t considered a specialised drink for your workouts, then this article will convince you that one is needed. There is a range of different workout drink formula’s and potions, however, what we will be discussing in this article is what particular ingredients to look out for and why they are essential for your pre-workout preparation, workout routine and post-workout recovery.

Most people have heard of a pre workout supplement. If you haven’t then basically all it is, is a supplement which helps enhance your workout through energy, aides your muscles to fire and recover quickly. Some pre-workout supplements speed up the nervous system which is believed to also speed up metabolism thus leading to the belief that it will burn more calories and fat. The problem with a lot of pre workouts is that they contain chemical, synthetic minerals and are loaded with caffeine. If pregnant or breastfeeding, a workout supplement is advised not to be used at all. Also a lot of these pre-workout formulas whether they come in pill form, or powders which are then turned into a drink can, for a lot of people, lead to side effects such as skin breakouts, dizziness, nausea, workout vomiting, and in extreme cases it has led to people collapsing and passing out.

What Ingredients are essential for a good natural workout drink

So then, what is important for a workout drink? Well, we need to keep it as natural as possible; we don’t want side effects, which would hurt you short term or even long term. So there are some essential natural ingredients which you can incorporate into a drink that you can include around your workout routine.

Green Tea or English Breakfast Tea

Green Tea

Yes tea! You might be finding it hard to even conceptualise how tea is even considered as part of an effective workout drink. Well there are two types of tea we recommend. Green Tea and English Breakfast Tea because not only are they natural ingredients with little known side effects, they also contain natural and safe levels of caffeine in them which will stimulate you with energy into your workout routine. In fact, both Green Tea and English Breakfast Tea are starting to be seriously considered as part of a workout drink formula by athletes and the health community around the world. There are now green tea extract powders which can be mixed with water to make a energy formula for your workout to tea tablets which can be used to supplement energy whilst you workout.

Another great attribute of tea is that it contains essential anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help fight oxidization in the body, or essentially breakdown of tissues and damage to DNA. Anti-oxidants help carry oxygen throughout the blood stream and help muscles receive the oxygen they need to carry out the movement that is needed during a workout. Your body requires larger amounts of oxygen during workouts and with this it is important you fight against oxidisation. This helps your muscles, organs and vital systems receive the oxygen they need so you can have an optimal workout every time.

These teas don’t have to be taken warm/hot during the workout, you can brew them first, pop them in the fridge and then take them in a water bottle with you to the gym.



Guarana is often associated with energy drinks. This substance, which is essentially prepared from a seed that comes from a Brazilian shrub, has been given a bad name in the past few years. But in the right doses (around 3-5 grams and no more) it can provide much needed energy for your workout and also carry you through your workout energy wise. The best thing about guarana is that it is known to have a longer lasting energy carry effect on the body than caffeine’s.

For centuries Guarana was used in teas and has been known to help with fatigue, tiredness, mental alertness and even weight loss for some people. It was used to help the indigenous people of Brazil travel long distances between locations and also was thought of as a nutrient with ‘superhuman’ properties. The benefits also include help with weight loss, as Guarana being a stimulant can help activate the metabolic system into burning more calories. Guarana is also a great source of anti-oxidants which is extremely beneficial for brain, organ and muscle function.

It must be warned though Guarana has twice the stimulant of a coffee bean, and must be taken in responsible doses (no more than 5 grams per cup). Side effects can be restlessness and difficulty sleeping.

Branch Chain Amino Acids


Branch Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs, have in recent years come back into being mainstream in the health and fitness community. BCAAs are the most researched supplements on the market and are very well known in their positive effects on the body, muscles and organs. This is a supplement that is going to be discussed for the majority of this article, as it is by far the most beneficial workout ingredient and best of all it’s all natural and has no known extreme side effects.

During dieting, it is very likely the body is losing not just fat and water, but also muscle. Muscle is essential for the body to continue losing weight, because each gram of muscle takes more energy to maintain than fat or stored water. Muscles contain essential amino acids, and when the body loses weight, one of its sources for energy is these amino acids, which it takes from muscle. Muscles are broken down to release amino acids for the body to use for fuel and this process is called being ‘catabolic’.

To fight being in a catabolic state the body must be in a place where it can turn protein quickly into stored amino acids and then therefore muscle. This process is known as ‘protein synthesis’. There has been much research around BCAAs and protein synthesis, and some very positive benefits have been noted. The major benefits and beauty of BCAAs is that protein synthesis is rapidly increased and even during weight loss, next to no muscle is lost at all when decent amounts of BCAAs is being fed into the body. Brilliant!

Leucine, which is a particular type of BCAA is known as a protein synthesizing powerhouse. It is essential when you are picking BCAA supplements that there is a ratio of Leucine included in it.
Leucine acts much like a key to the ignition of a car. The car, in this case, is a muscle. The ignition turns on the process of muscle protein synthesis, which builds up the muscle protein that leads to more muscle growth (don’t worry females! You won’t get bulky from this, you will achieve an optimal muscle growth for your body type and one that is healthy for body function and weight loss).

Research suggests that people who add extra leucine to their pre and post-workout drinks experienced significantly more protein synthesis than those who just drank protein workout shakes. Because leucine is so critical for muscle growth, you want to make sure you use a BCAA product that has more leucine than its counterparts, isoleucine and valine. 

It is recommend you go with a BCAA product that uses a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine to isoleucine and valine. Many products bump up the ratio much higher in favor of leucine, with some coming in at an 8:1:1 ratio and some hitting a 10:1:1 ratio. Many people assume that, given leucine's critical role in muscle growth, a BCAA product with a 10:1:1 ratio is five times better than one with a 2:1:1 ratio. But, before you go spend your hard-earned cash on these supposedly superior BCAA products, just consider that Leucine having a higher ratio than the other ingredients will make an overall better supplement.

If it seem all to much for you – just look for a BCAA which contains Leucine as a starting point.

Another beautiful thing about BCAA, is that they can lift workout intensity and even fat burn whilst working out. Because the body now has active use of a protein synthesiser in the body, it will begin turning to fats more for energy whilst working out, this is fantastic if you are trying to drop fat off your body. Fat being a more sustainable energy supply for the body, it can lead to greater energy during workouts and a higher workout intensity. Also since BCAAs essentially bypass the liver and is used as an immediate energy source also, on top of fat, when not being used for protein synthesis, this adds to the energy formula. All of this leads to greater gains, not just with fat loss but with body shape! Which is what we all want!

New studies have shown that groups being studied during diet who supplement with BCAAs (like leucine) increase muscle retention and maximize fat loss much more effectively than non-supplemented studies. That's the most important point: more muscle mass retained, and a greater percentage of lost body fat.

Amaze Tea Co’s ‘Get Physical’ Tea

Amaze Tea Co’s ‘Get Physical’ tea is the first workout tea in the world, which uses BCAAs as an ingredient. It also contains Guarana and English Breakfast tea. The ‘Get Physical’ is a perfect combination of energy, fat burn, muscle recovery; fatigue management and aiding increased workout intensity. A revolution for the tea as well as health supplement industry’s. It can be taken warm or cold – it does need to be brewed first, but this essentially part of the drink’s secret. When we infuse all ingredients together, it activates the core herbal ingredients of the English Breakfast Tea with the Guarana and BCAA. It is not only great tasting but extremely beneficial for your workout routine.

Athletes and health enthusiasts have used the ‘Get Physical’ tea with many compliments and positive reviews. It has been sold to customers in many countries around the world and continues to receive praise for its ingenuity and innovation.

The health benefits of the ‘Get Physical’ are:

- Increased energy

- Helping prevent fatigue

- Aids muscle recovery

- Assists with processing of fats when working out

- Increases muscle repair and growth

- Helps with workout intensity and strength

- Contains anti-oxidants, which assist organs and muscles during workouts.

- Helps with mental alertness and stamina

The best time to take the ‘Get Physical’ is 10 mins before you workout and then continue drinking during your workout as well as afterwards. You can drink it cold or warm.

You can purchase a 10 pack or a 30 pack at our ‘Get Physical’ page on our site by clicking here.

Any questions or enquiries about this article, the ‘Get Physical’ workout tea or any supplements mentioned, please email us at info@amazeteaco.com anytime!


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