How To Get Motivated To Exercise And Eat Healthy

It's so hard to stay motivated sometimes. We live in a world where most people work two jobs. You might already do 10 plus hours at your job per day plus also commute to and from work an average of 60 minutes per day. We sleep less, play less, have little time with family and friends and by the time we get home from work the last thing on our minds is exercise or cooking something harder than an easy packet of pasta and re-heat sauce. But you"ve got to find the motivation from somewhere. I know that you want to feel better, feel healthier and feel good about yourself which is what brought you to this page in the first place.

Let me tell you a little bit about motivation. What I have found in my experience is that people are motivated by two things. Pleasure and pain. That"s why when your boyfriend or girlfriend dumps you, you are motivated to exercise and eat better because you want to look hot to get them back or make them jealous. That is a pleasure motivator. On the other side of the coin your doctor has told you that if you don"t lose 20 kilos you will die as you are already showing signs of type two diabetes so you start training because your life depends on it. That is a pain motivator.


You need to find a goal or motivator that means something to you. You need to find something that will make you feel pain if you don"t achieve that goal or make you feel pleasure if you do. Let me share with you some of my motivator that keep me on track when I get lazy which I do mind you, just because I"m a health professional does not mean I"m exempt from feeling that;

- I know that If I don"t exercise and eat healthy I don"t feel good. I know that if I don"t feel good I can"t be at the top of my game in other areas of my life and I need to be with all the projects I have going on.

- I know that if I don"t live a fit and healthy lifestyle how can I possibly be an expert in my field and how could I possibly influence people if I don"t practice what I preach.

- I know that if i don"t look fit and healthy I would not have as many clients as I do hence I probably would not be able to make a living.

- I know that I"m looking towards my future and want to be as healthy as I can be for myself and my future family.

- And of course I want to look hot.

As you can see I have a lot of things motivating me to stay on that healthy train and it works quite well for me. When I get slack I think of what it would mean if I was to just let myself go and be lazy. It would mean a lack of income, a non-existent career, feeling unhealthy and unhappy and a future filled with preventable disease.

So lets look at some steps you can take to get your motivation high;

- Make a goal. It needs to be a goal that actually means something to you for example fitting into a dress you haven"t worn for 10 years, being able to play soccer with your kids or running a marathon. Write that goal down and be specific (important).

- Tell everybody who will listen about your goal. This will keep you accountable because people will ask you how you are going with it.

- Put it in your face. So hang that dress up somewhere where you will see it every day or put notes on your fridge to remind yourself of your goal so you are not tempted to snack on naughty things. Whatever you can do to help you get through those times of lack of motivation and temptation.

- Get a trainer or join a class and pre-pay. Trainers will keep you accountable, that"s what our job is to keep you motivated and get you results. When you pre-pay you also are creating an even bigger motivation to go because if you don"t it creates a bit of that pain I was telling you about, you lose your money.

- Divide your big goal up into small ones and focus on one at a time. If you just focus on the big goal and it’s a long way away the journey can seem daunting and can make you unmotivated to even start.

Just remember that anything is possible you just need to commit to it and have plans in place to ensure that when you experience a lack of motivation which you will, you will be prepared to fight that demon.

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 This Post was written by Sarah Sunderland. Sarah is a Personal Trainer, Health Enthusiast and Massage Therapist for Amaze Tea Co. She is also the founder of She is an expert at getting the best results for peoples health and prides her abilities in putting together the best workout plans and eating guides for others. Sarah is also a contributor to Amaze Tea's Blogs and Health Panel.


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