How to get a weight loss result when you are time poor

The common dilemma for most people is that they are time poor. How on earth can you possibly find the time to workout or eat healthy when you work full time. If you live in a major city full time means 10 hour days with regular travel and of course commuting on top of that, you have young children that have sports, school and friends that you rarely see as is. This all is leaving very little time left for yourself. I understand and I get it but your health and fitness needs to be up on the top of that list somewhere as well because later on you may end up making that time anyway not by choice when you become unwell from poor lifestyle choices.

weight loss when time poor

Here is the thing you don"t need to slog it out at the gym 6 days per week which is what you are probably thinking and why you just cant be bothered to start. I only train around 3 times per week but my lifestyle in general is healthy and active and I eat very well. It"s much simpler than it seems and is about much more than just training hardcore. Here are some tips to still get that result you want when you are time poor - Train 30min sessions as little as 2 times per week which you can even do at home when the kids are asleep. Make them high intensity. So include weight training in circuits with 30 seconds rest in between circuits. Add in high intensity exercises in between each exercise like burpees, squat jumps, box jumps, sprints, rows and jumping lunges. - Train in your lunch break. - Take the stairs when ever possible. - Watch your food.

Now this is the key to your result, 80% of it in fact. Prepare your food. Go grocery shopping once per week and buy enough food for the entire week so you don"t run out and resort to take away. Buy for every meal including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. - Always cook more than you need for dinner and take the remaining for lunch the next day or freeze it for busy days. - In the case when you are caught out with no food and need to get something from the shop that doesn"t require preparation try BBQ chicken (no skin) and salad from supermarket an easy go to. - Snacks that you can buy out and about yoghurt, fruit, nuts, protein bars, tuna, rice cakes. - Deal with your stress and eliminate where possible. These are a just few pointers that hopefully will get you thinking more about your choices and realise being healthy and fit is not just about slogging it out at the gym. Its the work you do outside of the gym that will determine your result.

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