Is Your Mindset Affecting Your Results

Most people generally think my profession (being a personal trainer) is about shouting at clients and smashing them through a hard training session. The good personal trainers out there will tell you that exercise is a very small portion of our job. To be able to get people to change habits and mindsets that have taken them years to build is so much harder then it seems. Unfortunately without making these changes and re-directing these mindsets onto a better track change - results will only ever be short lived.

My approach as a trainer is to dig deeper. I’m pretty nosy actually. I try to discover what a client’s driving force is, what there challenges are, how they cope with stress, what there subconscious mindset is, what emotional events have taken place in their life that restricts them from moving forward. When you set out on a weight-loss or transformation journey you need to become more self aware. Do you actually know the answer to some of these questions? Have you ever even really thought about it?

Permanent change is very unlikely to occur unless you can break through some of these barriers. Think about it, if there was absolutely nothing holding you back you would be where you wanted to be right now and at the weight you wanted to be at RIGHT NOW. Whether you are aware of it or not there are barriers, mindsets and habits there that you need to overcome. Some you might be familiar with;

-          Your excuses. The stupid ones. The ones that justify why you can’t exercise today or why you will start your “diet” on Monday.

-          You have a stressful day so you get out the tub of ice-cream.

-          You need to eat carbs at night time otherwise you don’t feel full.

-          You need to eat something whenever you are in front of the T.V

-          You don’t like anything about yourself.

-          You don’t think you deserve to have your goals.

Pretty deep. If you’re expecting your transformation journey to be anything but deep you have a wild shock coming. You will be faced with your baggage along the way if true change is to occur.

So how can you change these habits and mindsets to overcome your barriers that are preventing you from moving forward? First thing you need to do is to become familiar with online slots yourself, your thoughts and your habits. Take note and try to understand what is happening inside when you head for ice-cream or when you head for the fridge at 11pm at night when you aren’t hungry.

Next thing is to start making new habits and creating new mindsets. Start telling yourself another story. Instead of eating in front of the T.V start eating at the dinner table or instead of focusing on the things you hate about yourself in the mirror every morning start focusing on the good things and there are good points. Where your focus goes energy flows. Focus on what you hate about yourself or don’t have and you will just continue to see more bad things you hate, but focus on what you do have and the things you like about yourself and you will begin to see more good things.

Sometimes these thoughts are so deep seated you don’t realise you are even doing it which is why you’ve got to first become aware and start asking yourself these questions. This process is not an easy one and naturally as you continue on your weight loss journey these questions will naturally come up as you will be challenged mentally to be strong to push through. A health and fitness journey truly is a body and life transformation. It requires you to push through your own crap. That’s why the best thing you could ever do for yourself is to look after yourself physically.



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